The water from boreholes is free of microorganisms, if the underground source is pure, natural and protected. The water is deposited through the rains for several years and is filtered by the layers of rocks. It is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Ions like chlorine and bicarbonate are also present in abundance. In some cases, it is further purified by the water refining plants and used for bottling mineral water. The water is made clear, odor free and can be sterilized with UV treatment.

Another benefit of a water borehole is that one becomes self reliant and sufficient in terms of water requirement. Personal boreholes serve unlimited quantity of water any time and every time, although relevant legal abstraction limits must be adhered to. Water is also pure and free of added chemicals. One need not pay the water bills or get a license for such boreholes to a certain limit of drilling.

Water from boreholes can be used for irrigation purposes, maintaining independent gardens and other land and property development. Due to these boreholes one need not depend on rains for their irrigation purpose and get ample amount of water for all the construction purposes. Moreover, the energy required to extract water from them is less as compared to that in water purification plants.